Around the Web: The Yoga Virtuosos by Alice Riccardi

Alice Riccardi is a Baptiste Power Vinyasa Teacher and co-owner of Portland Power Yoga in Maine. She wrote a wonderful piece for which later got picked up by ( limits the amount you can read on their site without a pay subscription. I give you both links so you can decide for yourself where to read it.) She is also an Alexander Technique teacher. Her thoughtful essay considers the proper place for excellence and virtuosity in the realm of yoga:

If yoga is focusing more on the asana as opposed to the practice, are we all to become virtuosos? What about those who are amateurs? The origin of the word amateur comes from Latin, meaning “to love,” and the origin of virtuoso comes from the Italian, meaning “skilled.” Are we working toward becoming skilled in practice while leaving behind our amateur approach? Or what about loving something so much that being skilled is less important, because being in love and loving is the experience we really all want at the end of the day? What about the realization that, in essence, life is messy, not perfect, coming together and falling apart with the regularity of the sun rising and setting.

Give it a read and let her, and me, know what you think. link here. link here.

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