Check out this amazing vogue “battle” from NYC featuring Andre Mizrahi vs. Javier Ninja

Some more very, very fierce vogueing (soundtrack NSFW) After the jump...


AcroYoga 1


Training for "300"

From  daveuk64 on YouTube.com"


Pilobolus at the Oscars



From  roboramma on YouTube.com
"Grupo Axe Capoiera (www.axecapoeira.com) demonstrates in the street in downtown vancouver. Note, the music is, of course, them singing and playing instruments."


The Wave

Christopher Oakley is a gymnast and performer based in New York:


Not Yoga, But Still Worth Checking Out 3

Pasted Graphic

David Belle is one of the creators of a crazy and amazing (and insanely dangerous) sport called Parkour, which basically involves jumping onto and leaping over anything in your intended path, including walls, buildings and rooftops. Think Jackie Chan only more extreme. It is currently featured heavily in the French movie "District B-13", which is not the best movie in the world, but it is well shot and the action sequences are pretty spectacular. Here's a grainy clip of the man in action:


Not Yoga, But Still Worth Checking Out 2

From "So You Think You Can Dance," on FOX. These guys are the SickStep Crew. The most amazing move is by the guy in the striped shirt at 3:05 minutes into the clip. There is a slomo recap at the end of the clip.

Compare with Dharma Mittra doing something similar:


Not Yoga, but still worth checking out.

From "So You Think You Can Dance," on FOX. This guy is an amazing body-popper.