Modes of Sequencing

I'm about to co-teach a course on sequencing in the new year for the teacher training we're running at Yogasana which is making me organize my thoughts about the subject.

Each of these modes are not necessarily exclusive. A given practice could be organized to take into consideration multiple modes simultaneously.

1. By Balance Within A Practice

A practice structured to have a balanced energetic flow.
For example: A practice that emphasizes back bends, but which includes multiple other categories to provide a “complete” practice session.

2. By Category

A practice structured to feature a specific category of pose.
For example: a practice that features standing poses.

3. By Progression Deeper Into The Body

A practice sequenced according to the level of intensity and depth of penetration into the body: standing poses, seated poses, forward bends, reclined poses, twists, core poses, arm balances, back bends, restorative poses.
For example: A back bend sequence that runs standing poses, inversions, back bends, twists, restorative poses. An arm balance sequence that runs reclined poses, core poses, twists, arm balances, inversions, restorative poses.

4. By Progression According To Pose And Counter-Pose

A practice sequenced with attention paid to balancing out the muscular effects of different groups of poses.
For example: A back bend sequence that ends with gentle twists and restorative poses. A forward bend sequence that ends with a short, light baby back bend series. Many of the sequences in the back of Light on Yoga.

5. By Energetic Quality

A practice sequenced to maximize a particular energetic effect.
For example: A vigorous standing pose sequence to ground and energize the body. A supported back bend sequence to relieve anxiety or support depression.

6. By Physiological Quality

A practice sequenced to maximize a particular physiological effect.
For example: A sequence for insomnia or migraines. A menstrual sequence.

7. By Action

A practiced organized around highlighting and developing a particular anatomical or bio-mechanical action.
For example: A sequence to work on dividing the abdomen, or deepening the eyes of the chest.

8. By Body Part

A practice sequenced to develop a particular part of the body.
For example: A hip opening sequence. An upper body strengthening sequence.

9. Over A Period Of Time

Sequencing a series of practices over an extended period of time: a week, a month, a quarter, a year.

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