Forward Extensions

Upavishtha Konasana 2 (Seated Angle Pose)

Upavistha, Seated Angle Pose
Level: All Levels

Upavishtha = seated, sitting. Kona = angle.

Organizing the pose

    • Sit in Dandasana (Staff Pose) and take the legs out wide into Upavishtha Konasana 1 (Seated Angle Pose 1).
    • Take the hands to the sides, plant the palms flat on the floor and lift up through the sides of the trunk.
    • Press the legs down into the floor and stretch them out of the hip.
    • Reach forward and grab the big toes with the first two fingers and thumb of each hand. If you are unable to reach without either bending the legs or collapsing the chest, loop a belt around each foot.
    • Inhale, press the inner thighs down, pull the arms back and lift the chest. Either stay here or proceed on the next stages.
    • Exhale and elongate the trunk forward, bringing the chest towards the floor.
    • Hold this position.
    • Come back to Dandasana (Staff Pose).

Practice Points

    • Draw both inner thighs deeper into the body.
    • Soften and broaden the hip creases.
    • Soften the lower abdomen and move it deeper into the body. Lengthen the upper abdomen forward.
    • Move the inner face of the sacrum back away from the pubic bone, soften and broaden the buttocks.
    • Turn the sternum towards the pubic bone.