Supta Konasana (Reclined Angle Pose)

Reclined Angle Pose
Level: All levels

Supta = reclined or sleeping. Kona = angle.

If you find the body is tight and you are unable to bring the feet to the floor, do the pose with the feet on bolsters, blocks, or even chairs.

Organizing the Pose

  1. Either come into the pose from Halasana (Plough Pose) or from the floor according to the following method:
  2. Fold up a mat and stack up three blankets on top. Make the stack neat, with all the folded edges in a clean line. This will be going under the shoulders to act as a lift to protect the neck.
  3. Shoulder Stand preparation
    Lie back on the blanket so that the shoulders are on, but the head and neck are not. (See insert.)
  4. Lift the hips and roll the legs overhead to bring the feet to the floor and stretch the legs.
  5. Take the feet wide apart.
  6. Interlock the fingers behind the back, extend the arms and roll the shoulders down.
  7. Place the hands on the back and lift the back ribs up. Alternately, take hold of the big toes with the fingers.
  8. Hold this position for 20 to 30 seconds.
  9. Either continue on into Parshva Halasana (Side Plough Pose), take the legs back into Halasana or roll down out of the pose.

Practice Points

  • Roll the tailbone towards the heels.
  • Fully extend the legs.
  • Widen the collarbones and shoulder blades.
  • Broaden and lift the back ribs.
  • Soften the neck and throat.