Seated Poses

Baddha Konasana 1 (Bound Angle Pose)

Seated Angle Pose

Level: All levels

Baddha = bound. Kona = angle.

Organizing the pose

    • Sit in Dandasana (Staff Pose).
    • Take hold of the right inner thigh with the right hand and, keeping the right leg soft, drag the foot in. Repeat with the left.
    • If you are unable to lift up out of the sitting bones and extend the trunk fully, then sit up on blankets to make the pose accessible.
    • Bring the soles of the feet together.
    • Move the buttock flesh to the sides to come to the front of the buttock bones.
    • Interlock the fingers and take hold of the feet.
    • Inhale and elongate up through the trunk.
    • Hold this position. Either end here or proceed to the full forward extension.

Practice Points

    • Ground the heels into each other.
    • Soften the lower abdomen and groins.
    • Let the thighs turn out.
    • Release the tops of the thighs down into the floor.
    • Soften the lower back and broaden the back ribs.
    • Lift and lengthen the sides of the chest.
    • Broaden the chest and collarbones.
    • Lengthen the arms.