Bharadwajasana 1 (Bharadwaja's Pose 1) Simple Variation

Bharadwaja's Pose Simple Variation
Level: All levels

Bharadwaja = an ancient sage with an insatiable desire for learning.

Though this is a relatively simple pose, it is quite asymmetrical. If the hips or back are tight and the lower body grips, sit with a blanket or two under the sitting bone of the lifted side (the left side when twisting to the right, the right side when twisting to he left).

Organizing the Pose

  1. Sit in Dandasana (Staff Pose).
  2. Swing the legs around to the left, placing the left foot on top of the right.
  3. Bring the left hand across to the right thigh and the right hand to the floor.
  4. Inhale and lift through the sides of the body.
  5. Exhale and turn to the right, away from the feet.
  6. Hold the pose for 20 to 30 seconds.
  7. Return to Dandasana and repeat on the second side.

Practice Points

  • Press the feet down and widen the hip crease on the lifted side.
  • Soften the lower abdomen.
  • Lift evenly through the sides of the trunk.
  • Turn the upper abdomen, the chest and the shoulder.
  • Keep the ears level.
  • Soften and widen the upper back and the back of the neck.