Winter in the North

The winter is upon us full force in New York City and tomorrow I’m heading out of town to spend a week with family in lovely Paris. Posts have been slow for the past few weeks and now they’re going to grind to a complete halt until the new year, when there will be a few changes about the place:
  • New Blog: I use a wonderful app for the Mac called Rapidweaver to drive this site, but after four and half years, over 300 posts and a couple of hundred pages, the site is getting a little unwieldy and I’m hoping to streamline it a bit. At the moment I’m struggling to get Wordpress installed and I hope to port the blog over to that in the next week or two. All the posts up to now will still be archived and will be fully available and I’m planning to keep the crossover seamless, so that there will be no interruption for those of you who are subscribers either through Feedblitz or through RSS readers.
  • New Content: Doing the Year of Yoga this past year and the year before has been wonderful, but it’s taken up a lot of my focus and I am looking to do some more writing about the history and philosophy of yoga, as well as more articles about technique. My plan is to give the Year of Yoga a rest for 2010. You will still be able to access the past two series, and I will post links to them in the regular blog so that you do not have to go fishing for them if you decide you want to follow along.
  • New Blog Strands: I’m teaching a new class at Yogasana in Brooklyn next year. So, in addition to the Basic and Intermediate Practice strands, look out for a new, regular Restorative Yoga strand to expand your practice. Other planned strands include: “What is Yoga,” an overview of the goals and techniques of the practice; “The Story of Yoga,” an in-depth look at the history and culture of yoga; “Yoga for You,” a practical look at the big ideas of yoga and how you can apply them to your practice and daily life; “Essential Skills of Yoga,” an ongoing look at the important techniques that will bring a yoga practice of any level to life.
  • New Resources: There is so much material in the blog at this point. I’m planning on mining it for a series of booklets and monographs/references guides which I will make available over the coming months in the store.
  • New Store: Look for a new, improved bookstore hopefully by Q2 of 2010 featuring a hand-picked selection of books essential to the modern yogi.

If you happen to be in the New York area on January 1st, come join me in Brooklyn at Yogasana Center for a special 2-hour workshop to start your year right: “Reset, Restore, Renew,” from 4-6pm. (Though call in advance to reserve a spot. It usually sells out.)

So a lot to look forward to in the New Year. I hope you’ll continue to join me in exploring this profound and rewarding discipline of the body, mind and spirit. And if you’ve enjoyed the site, please spread the word. Readership has almost doubled in the past year, with over 200,000 page views and over 90,000 unique visitors. I’ve received wonderful emails from people all over the world. My thanks to everyone for the continued encouragement and support!

Happy holidays and a prosperous, joy-filled new year to all. See you again at some point in the first two weeks of January (Wordpress permitting!).

Om Shanthi