Standing Poses

Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana (Revolved Half Moon Pose)

Revolved Half MoonPose

Level: Intermediate
Category: Standing Pose, Twist

Parivrtta = revolved. Ardha = half. Chandra = moon.

Organizing the pose

Practice Points

    • Spread the toes and ground through both feet.
    • Connect the pubic bone to the standing leg, turning the lower abdomen out of the twist, while you turn the navel and chest into the twist.
    • Lift the ribs of the trailing side of the body (left side when twisting to the right, right side when twisting to the left) straight up toward the ceiling and move them towards the head.
    • Lift the raised shoulder and the raised leg evenly.
    • Bring the space between the shoulder blades in line with the sacrum.
    • Broaden the shoulders and move the base of the neck (C7 vertebra) deeper into the body.
    • Turn the collarbone of the lower arm down the body and the collarbone of the raised arm up towards the head.