Standing Poses

Parighasana (Gate Pose)

Levels: All Levels
Category: Standing Pose, Forward Extension, Twist

Parigha = the cross beam of a gate.

Organizing the pose

    • Sit back on the heels with the knees and ankles together in Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose).
    • Press the shins down and lift the hips up.
    • Fully extend the right leg out to the side with the leg and foot turned out perpendicular to the plane of the legs. Bring the toes to the floor. Keep the left thigh vertical.
    • Inhale and bring the arms out to the sides at shoulder height.
    • Exhale, stretch the right thigh back, bring the back of the right hand to the top of the thigh and reach both sides of the trunk and both arms out over the right leg.
    • Reach both arms out to the foot and both palms towards each other.
    • Hold the position for several breaths.
    • Press down through the back shin, inhale and come back up.
    • Exhale and sit back on the shins in Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose).
    • Repeat on the opposite side.