Arm Variations

Urdhva Baddhanguliyasana (Upward Bound Fingers Pose)

Level: All levels
Category: Arm Variation

Urdhva = Upward. Baddha = Bound. Angula = finger, thumb.

This arm and hand variation tones the knuckles, palms, wrists and forearms. It also helps open the chest.

Organizing the pose

    • Inhale and take the arms up to shoulder height.
    • Bend the wrists and interlock the fingers, sliding the hands together right up to the webbing between the fingers.
    • Bring the tips of thumbs together.
    • Exhale and roll the palms out, keeping the tips of the thumbs touching and the fingers well interlocked.
    • Inhale and take the arms up alongside the ears.
    • Hold the position for several breaths.
    • Exhale, bring the arms forward and down.
    • Repeat, changing the interlock of the fingers so that the other index finger is on top. (One side will likely feel more comfortable than the other. It is important to do both sides to balance out the nervous system. Ideally, you will reach a point where it feels the same to do either side.)

Practice Points

    • Spread the fingers and thumbs.
    • Spread the palms and the wrists.
    • Hug the upper arm bones in towards the head and spread the inner elbow joints to lengthen the inner arms.
    • Press up through the index fingers.
    • Turn the palms up to make them parallel to the ceiling.