Forward Extensions

Krounchasana (Heron Pose)

Heron Pose
Level: Intermediate

Krouncha = a heron.

Organizing the pose

    • Sit in Dandasana (Staff Pose).
    • Take hold of the back of the left thigh and draw the knee in, keeping the muscles of the left leg as soft as possible.
    • Bring the left foot back as for Virasana (Hero Pose). If the pelvis does not rest evenly on the floor, support it with a folded blanket or a block.
    • Bend the right leg and plant the right foot flat on the floor. Take hold of the outer edges of the foot with both hands.
    • Inhale, lift and open the trunk.
    • Exhale and stretch the leg up. Hold this position. Either stay here, or proceed to the next step.
    • Inhale and lift up through the trunk once again.
    • Exhale and draw the chin towards the shin.
    • Hold this position.
    • Inhale, lift the trunk up once again.
    • Exhale and return to Dandasana (Staff Pose).

Practice Points

    • Draw both inner thighs deeper into the body.
    • Soften and broaden the hip creases.
    • Soften the lower abdomen and move it deeper into the body. Lengthen the upper abdomen upwards.
    • Turn the pubic bone towards the bent knee, the navel toward the straight knee. Bring the hip bone of the straight leg inside the inner thigh.
    • Turn the sternum towards the pubic bone.