Salamba Shirshasana 3 (Head Stand 3)

Head Stand 3
Level: Advanced

Alamba = a prop or support. Sa = with or accompanied by. Shirsha = the head.

Organizing the Pose

  1. Come into the pose from Salamba Shirshasana 2 (Head Stand 2). If balance is an issue, set yourself up against the wall. If you are using the wall, it is important to be close to it so that you are not pushing your hips out into the middle of the room and sitting in the lower back when you bring your heels to the wall.
  2. Turn the palms so the fingers face away from you.
  3. Either stay here for 20 to 30 seconds or walk the hands together, bringing the forearms to touch.
  4. Hold this position for 20 to 30 seconds.
  5. Either return to Salamba Shirshasana 2 and come down, or continue on through the Shirshasana cycle with Baddha Hasta Shirshasana (Bound Hands Head Stand).
  6. Rest in Child’s Pose for several moments before coming up.

Practice Points

  • Roll the weight into the index fingers and thumbs.
  • Reach the shoulder blades and triceps into the elbows as you draw the biceps back into the armpits and lift the outer collarbones.
  • Broaden the collarbones and balance the weight evenly between them.
  • Widen the neck, throat and upper back.
  • Stretch up strongly through the sides of the waist and legs.
  • Soften and widen the buttocks.
  • Soften and widen the chest, neck and throat.