Between all the different sections of the site, "Yoga: art+science" is rich with content. Here for your convenience is an overview of the many different practice-related articles on offer.

This year's "Year of Yoga" is a much more manageable series of 365 basic practices, designed to be accessible for all regular practitioners of yoga. Each practice lasts approximately an hour and is presented with options for more advanced practitioners. Follow along according to the calendar day or drop in at any time, starting with week one.

• 28 Days of Basic/Intermediate Yoga
• 28 Days of Intermediate Yoga
• 28 Days of Advanced Yoga
• 28 Days of Intermediate Pranayama
• The Master Plan

• Practice
• Techniques
• Basic Practices
• Intermediate Practices
• Advanced Practices

2008's "Year of Yoga" is an ambitious and challenging 366 days of practices rotating through various cycles of increasing intensity, interspersed with multiple recovery phases to allow the body a chance to rest and integrate. Follow along according to the calendar day, drop in at any time starting with week one, or browse the practices and find something that inspires you.

• Developing Your Home Practice
• How To Sequence: Overview
• How To Sequence: In-Depth
• What To Practice

• How To Use Props
• Buying Guide: Mats
• Buying Guide: Blocks
• Buying Guide: Blankets
• Buying Guide: Belts